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Woodwind Quintet

Program Notes

One Two Three Traffic Light, Watch Out When You Cross the Road!

As inspired by the game 'Red Light/Green Light', one of my best childhood memories, this piece portrays a group of children playing the game. The music is surrounded by two contrasting rhythmic motives, depicting the 'ghost' (the stop light) and the children respectively. The ghost, as first introduced by the bassoon, will alternate among different instruments. The ghost gradually speeds up shouting “red light/green light” as the children come closer: some get caught when they do not manage to 'freeze' themselves as the ghost looks back (anyone who is caught moving is out); some laughed when seeing somebody trip; some look silly while freezing. Finally, when a child touches the ghost, all the children run as fast as they can.


The ghost’s last three steps will reveal who will be out.​

一 二 三 紅綠燈 過馬路要小心!




Red Light / Green Light



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